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General Index to Marriages No. 1

     17,000+ entries on nearly 500 pages!


General Index to Marriages No. 2

     14,000+ entries on nearly 400 pages!


General Index to Marriages No. 3

     10,500+ entries on nearly 300 pages!


Marriage Records Index,1985-2008

     7,500+ entries on nearly 200 pages!


African American Marriage Index

     3,500+ entries with just over 100 pages!




Now, for the first time ever, with the publication of these two new volumes, a complete records index of Harrison County marriages, from 1794 thru to 2008, can be at your fingertips!


Each volume contains a complete alphabetical, every name, bride and groom marriage records index and includes license and/or marriage dates with their corresponding document numbers or volume and page citations.


Introductory texts explain how each index was created and how to obtain copies of the original marriage records.  All books are comb-bound with protective presentation covers, front and back, for a durable and attractive appearance!


If this is the first you have ever heard of this fine set of Harrison County, Ky. marriage records indexes, please consider adding the following indexes for the first century-and-a-half of records on file in the offices of the Harrison County Court Clerk to your own genealogy bookshelf:


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