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The Genealogy Box

A newsletter for genealogy & family history research in Harrison County, Kentucky


In the beginning ...


... there was ...


... a box.


Just about every family has such a box, what you might call a genealogy box, where all the old family photos, letters and notes, and all the other little treasured bits and pieces of past times and family history are kept.


The type of storage ranges in type from that old standby, the trusty shoebox, stored, and maybe even lost, in a dark closet somewhere, to the rustic old trunk or chest found in attics or basements.


The modern genealogist or family historian might at first replace the old shoebox with a Tupperware container or a spiral notebook or two, perhaps even a three-ring-binder.  However, the effectiveness of these methods won't last for long. Soon a file box or two will become necessary, and then even more and more boxes, until visits to your local office supply store will seem to be as numerous as those to the local grocery!


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As I have made visits to Kentucky over the years I have sought out, collected, and saved all the information I could that would make my own research go a little more smoothly from home, information that I only wish I had only known about or had access to from the beginning of my research.


Thus the genesis of the title of this little newsletter, a few pages of print and a website to tell of all the research tools and methods I have learned about in climbing my own family tree and building a family history with Harrison County records.


Supplement to the Harrison Heritage News - Since 2007 this special supplement, published three to four times a year on average, has been added to issues of the Harrison Heritage News, the monthly newsletter of the Harrison County Historical Society.  The Genealogy Box is its name and its goal is to bring to light all of the genealogy and local history resources that are available for research, both online and in person in Cynthiana and at other facilities.


Each issue basically serves as a research guide to one particular topic, as much as just a few printed pages can.  More recent issues have not only served as guides to individual topics, but also contain content not to be found anywhere else such as transcriptions, abstracts, and indexes of records.  News of recent genealogical events, features at this site, and other items of interest are also included.


With the publication of the thirty-first issue nearly at hand, now seems a good time to commemorate the event and so all of those which have been published will soon be posted online for the first time.


Just click on any of the links above to begin your learning experience with The Genealogy Box  (Adobe Reader or other PDF viewer required).

  • Issue No. 1 - About "the Box;" What is a Marriage Record? (2-page edition)

  • Issue No. 2 - Motherhood Statistics, To Find the Degrees, Count the G's; Reading Books Backwards and Taking Notes (2-page edition)

  • Issue No. 3 - The Last-Known-To-Be-Living Date; Breaking News!; Keeping Up with the In-Laws; "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is that Knocking at the Door?" (2-page edition)

  • Issue No. 4 - "Free at Last, Free at Last, Genealogy is Free at Last!" (Research resources free to genealogists) (2-page edition)

  • Issue No. 5 - Just Passing Through (Family history as found in passport records) (2-page edition)

  • Issue No. 6 - Local Treasures (E.E. Barton Papers and the Pease Abstracts); Climbing Other Branches of the Family Tree; Research...Free for the Asking! (2-page edition)

  • Issue No. 7 - Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Family Jewels (Research facilities in Harrison County) (2-page edition)

  • Issue No. 8 - Writing the "1-Hour Autobiography;" Biographies @ HarrisonCountyKy.US (4-page edition)

  • Issue No. 9 - What is an Obituary and How Do You Find One?; The 1896 Special Edition of the Cynthiana Democrat & the 1905 Souvenir Supplement of the Log Cabin (4-page edition)

  • Issue No. 10 - Farmers Going "Postal" (Rural Free Delivery (R.F.D.)) (1-page edition)

  • Issues 11-31 - Coming soon . . .

If you are interested in researching a family history in or the local history of Harrison County, please visit HarrisonCountyKy.US for even more information and resources, such as the home page of the Harrison County Historical Society and the online archives of its newsletter, the Harrison Heritage News


Thanks for visiting, and the best of luck to you in your research!


Philip Naff

Indianapolis, Ind.



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